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Design It Wraps can help you design, print, and apply high-quality lettering to your boat. We work with smaller boats, charter boats, large luxury cruisers and more.  We have been providing the First Coast (Amelia Island, Jacksonville, Nocatee)  with high-quality boat lettering since 2013. At Design It, we pride ourselves on:

  • Delivering quality service
  • Employing a team of experienced, trained professionals
  • Being attentive and results-oriented
  • Using the latest techniques and equipment
  • Using high-quality products and material
  • Providing an exceptional customer experience

When you work with Design It Wraps to get your boat lettering done, you can count on a smooth process and a flawless finish.

The name, registration number, and hailing port designation of a boat should be done with boat lettering. Whether you use it to proudly display your vessel’s name or comply with state registration laws, boat lettering is an ideal solution.  

Most places require boats to display:

  • Registration numbers near the bow
  • Hailing port identification information on the stern

This essential information should always be applied using high-quality vinyl decals to ensure it doesn’t fade or wear off over time. Boat lettering can also be used in a more creative fashion, which is especially helpful if you want to advertise a business name on your boat.

Boat lettering can be created with:

  • Lettering
  • Numbers
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Digital images

The trained technicians at Design It Wraps are highly educated and experienced in designing, applying, and installing boat lettering and custom boat decals. Our materials are made of high quality products that withstand years of abuse from fresh and salt water environments. 


Our Work

How Your Business Benefits

Boat lettering is made on vinyl stickers designed especially for boat application. Each letter is independently cut from a solid piece of highly durable vinyl material. The design and application process includes the following steps:

  1. A desired design is made on a computer
  2. The design is sent from the computer to a plotter
  3. The design is cut out of a solid-colored vinyl sheet and prepared for placement
  4. Once the lettering is prepared, it’s peeled and pasted to your desired surface
Examples of Industries We've Helped
Food Delivery
Healthcare Services
Daycare Centers
Home Services
Furniture Companies
Dry Cleaning
Performing Arts
How Your Brand Benefits

There are a few main benefits of professional boat lettering services in Jacksonville, FL. Boat lettering can:

  • Help with aesthetics
  • Help your brand or business stand out
  • Help with boat identification

Helps with Aesthetics

Fonts and images can help elevate the look of your boat even better than paint. When printed and applied professionally, your boat will be one of the most attractive in the marina.

Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Whether you have a fishing boat, charter service, or leisure vessel, displaying your boat name in a large, legible font can help you show the world how special it is.

Helps with Boat Identification

Boat registration numbers must be displayed clearly on the vessel’s front half. They must be made according to the following guidelines:

  • Three inches tall
  • Printed in contrasting colors
  • Designed with a block-style font
  • Full space between letters and numbers

We can’t say enough great things about Design It Wraps & Signs. We have worked with them on a couple of projects and the results are incredible. Very professional, affordable  and very knowledgeable in what they do. They have my business going forward. Here are some pics of my truck.

Renew Power Wash Company, LLC

They provided us with some yard signs for our company. We had changed our mind on the sign, and they were very accommodating! Super nice, and got it done 1 day before their estimated time of completion. Highly recommend them to everyone! Pelican Painters and More signage in pic!

Samantha Fox

Amazing experience! Brent is very knowledgeable and his team works extremely hard to get things done efficiently! We dropped it off and two days later everything was ready to go. Very friendly as well! Highly recommend! We will be using them soon for our other Prius!

Sherwood Cooke

Frequently Asked Questions

While boat lettering and boat decals are printed on the same type of high-quality vinyl, they serve different purposes and are printed differently. Boat lettering is independently cut out of a solid piece of vinyl material and is generally used for displaying information like your boat’s name, registration number, and hailing port designation. Boat decals can be designed with an image or message, which is printed on one large piece of vinyl and wrapped onto the boat. Decals are typically used for advertising, decorating, or displaying a custom message.
Yes. Boat lettering should last well over five years when applied correctly and maintained properly. The vinyl and ink used for boat lettering are made to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from minus 50 to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The law in most areas states that the hailing port identification number must be displayed on the back of the boat, or the stern, and the registration number must be displayed near the front of the boat, or the bow. This information must be displayed high above the waterline and should be applied using professional, high-quality boat lettering.
Most states require registration numbers to be at least three inches tall. Whether you want to display the name of your boat or need to display its registration number and other important information, the professionals at Design It Wraps are standing by to complete your boat lettering installation in Jacksonville, FL.

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