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Many things can damage a vehicle’s paint surface, including rain, sun, grime, and grit – all of which vehicles are exposed to daily. Even if you have your car waxed, it doesn’t take long for even the highest quality waxes to wear off the surface, leaving the paint vulnerable to the elements.

At Design It, we provide the highest quality car polishing and paint correction services in Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Nocatee / St. Augustine. We use proven, high-polymer polishing solutions to polish and wax your vehicle’s paint. Our highly trained technicians have years of experience polishing everything from cars to boats, trucks, motorcycles and more. 

Paint polishing provides many benefits aside from adding shine to a paint job. 

This essential step provides the following benefits:

Removes Scratches and Defects

Paint polishing does a lot more than just add some shine to a vehicle’s paint. Lower-level paint polishing jobs can repair scratches and paint swirls, while the highest level can remove heavy defects like 4WD brush scratches.

Helps with Paint Correction

Paint polishing is part of the car detailing process that helps restore the vehicle’s paintwork to remove certain defects, bring back its original shine, and make it look new again, especially if you’ll be getting a ceramic coating.

Restores Fading Paint

One of the main reasons to get a vehicle’s paint polished is to restore fading paint, which can be caused by anything from exposure to the elements, dust, and debris to micro-scratching from washing the vehicle.

Adds Gloss and Shine

The number-one reason to get your vehicle’s paint polished is to add gloss and shine. Even the lowest level paint polishing jobs decontaminate the paint, remove scratches, and restore shine.

Enhances Color

As paint polishing removes defects and restores shine, it also naturally enhances the color of the paint, helping it to look brand new again.

Improves Resale Value

Defects and fading paint downgrade the resale value of a vehicle. Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle with car detailing and paint polishing improves the resale value.

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Benefits of Paint Polishing

Professional paint polishing is just as important as getting your vehicle washed and taking it to the service center. However, it’s challenging for many people to even get their cars washed monthly, let alone worry about things like polishing and detailing. What many people don’t consider is how much money paint polishing and car detailing can save them.

While polishing doesn’t add a protective coating to the vehicle, it helps reduce imperfections on the surface, including:

  • Scratches
  • Small dents
  • Water spots
  • Weakened paint
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Why Use Design It?

Since 2013, Design It has been providing premium vehicle protection services to:

  • Jacksonville (& Jacksonville Beach)
  • Amelia Island (& Fernandina Beach)
  • Nocatee (& St. Augustine / Ponde Vedra)

Our attentive, highly experienced team is equipped to provide the best car polishing / paint correction services in the First Coast, and beyond. At Design It, we use a combination of craftsmanship and experience to provide high-polymer polishing solutions for every vehicle. We do everything we can to help protect your investment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Paint correction is the process of restoring a vehicle’s paintwork by removing defects and bringing back the original shine and luster to make it look new again. Car polishing is part of the paint correction process and is done on different levels, depending on how heavy or light of a polish your vehicle requires. Paint that’s still in good condition usually requires a single-stage polish, while paint with swirls, scratches, or fading will require a two-stage or three-stage polish.
Paint polishing is done typically with three levels:

  • Single-stage: maintenance to keep a vehicle’s paint looking shiny and clean
  • Two-stage: paint correction to fix fading, swirls, and scratches
  • Three-stage: heavy-duty paint correction to fix defects such as 4WD brush scratches
An experienced professional can assess your vehicle’s paint and determine which level of paint polishing / correction is needed.
The three biggest reasons to hire a professional for paint polishing and correction are:

  • Assessment
  • Experience
  • Tools
While buffing whisks away residue left by polishing compounds and eliminates things like surface haze and swirl marks, polishing removes damaged clear coat and paint protection products. There are different techniques that can be used for each part of the polishing process, and each comes with its own form of implementation. Paint polishing isn’t only about beautifying your car but dissipating visible blemishes and keeping it in good condition. Design It offers some of the best paint correction services in the First Coast (Jacksonville) area.

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